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We are absolutely ready for the all kind of painter services provide and We make to give 100%.



Painter Services

Includes the installation, servicing, repair and maintenance of painter and painting equipment



Handyman Services

A professional who provides installation,repairing & maintenance services. Ready to provide fixes all areas.

We Providing Excellent And Wide Range Painter Services

At Mr. Handy we have over 25 years of painter service experience, providing a wide spectrum of Interior Wall Painting that is used to give bright and colorful look to the place. Our skilled professionals utilize optimum quality

the Handy platforms. Our team has well trained experience for the best service outcome. It has many year experience.

All Painter Service

They must be able to troubleshooting any problems that the equipment may have.

Happy Client Says About
Our Company

Très sérieux, sympathique ponctuel et soigné! Merci bcp pour le travail et le rendu très joli de mon appartement !


Une équipe très professionnelle et efficace ! Travail impeccable, délais rapides et parfaitement respectés! Merci beaucoup !!

Matheus Bells

House Owner

Mission : un studio complet en une semaine, peintures plafonds/murs, et finitions diverses. Objectif plus qu’atteint !! Très ponctuel, super sympa, prix contenu et qualité au top, en peinture comme en travaux ! Un grand merci, et je recommande sans hésiter ! À votre tour d’être satisfait du travail !!


Mr.Handy is true to our work & words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure the exact square foot. Use the exact materials promised. & yes, we deliver on time, always and great service provide.

Edam Martin


We offers our services on a “Pay as You Use” basis. There is a minimum charge of $50 per visit, which is exempt if the
repair cost is more than $200. We also offer 3 days workmanship guarantee.